Faradotherapy belts – know-how in the field of physiotherapy. This unique work is the result of serious scientific research carried out by FOHOW specialists. The belts are made of a special material inside which magnets with low power and minerals (up to 50–12) are finely divided by means of nanotechnology (there are over 50 of them). They are distributed in accordance with the principles of acupuncture – 12 and affect the points along the energy meridians. The basis of faradotherapeutic belts are: a layer of special material embedded in it with semi-precious minerals (where the main role is played by nephrite), including minerals from meteorites that have the ability to emit infrared radiation and low-power magnets arranged in a special way.

The use of magnets and a large amount of precious stones crushed to an extremely small size, allowed to reveal their action in the wavelength of the cell and achieve stable and long-lasting heating of the tissues. The heat penetrates to a depth of up to 14 cm and is felt for hours. As a result, these belts combine all the best physiotherapy factors, reflexotherapy, mineral therapy, magnetotherapy and infrared sauna without using any power source. Indeed, when you buy faradotherapy belts, you get a physiotherapy cabinet at home. The uniqueness of the recommended FOHOW corporation belts is that they allow a comprehensive approach to symptom problems pain in the spine and joints, demonstrating a qualitative and effective effect on the entire human body. Using faradotherapy belts, we also support the immunological status of the body.
Faradotherapeutic belts of the international corporation FOHOW is a unique work without analogues around the world.
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